Glider Mounts are one of the many means of Transportation in EQ2. This category details private, player-owned mounts only. For a complete list of mounts in game on a single page, including prices and runspeed, see Mounts.

Gliders jump high in the air (not quite as high as leapers), then unfurl their "wings" to glide horizontally with a slight downward aim, covering vast horizontal distances. They can "retract" at any time for an immediate altitude drop, and still unfurl again to continue gliding. The turning radius is very small, and can take a little while to get used to. They have a standardized ground run speed of 60% and airspeed of 200%.

As with leapers and later gryphons, a twin questlines for adventurers and tradeskillers exist to get your first one. These both start in Tenebrous Tangle on the drakota isle.

Initially, only a special species of lizard found to exhibit this ability. Recently, other races of animals have been found gliding around, and can be obtained by visiting the StationCash store.

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