Race: Froglok

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The frogloks of Norrath were touched by the hand of the god of valor, Mithaniel Marr. They rapidly evolved from short, flimsy amphibians into a race that is both wise of spirit and formidable in battle. Visible muscles and tendons create an imposing upper body cinched to a narrow waist. Their most notable feature is a long, sticky tongue that can be extended up to three feet, perfect for snatching passing insects or pulling up a stein of ale.

Frogloks are a short amphibious race native to the swamplands of Norrath. Fiercely devoted to Mithaniel Marr, the frogloks have a longstanding conflict with the trolls of Innothule Swamp. Over 400 years ago, their deity blessed some of them with a heightened intellect and enhanced physical features. Shortly thereafter, these frogloks drove the trolls out of the city of Grobb, renaming it Gukta, Outpost of Marr in honor of their master. In terms of architecture and design, the frogloks remain true to their primitive roots. They care little for ornamentation, preferring instead to surround themselves with reminders of their swampy home.

Though of relatively stout build, the frogloks are a sturdy and intelligent people. They are able to fulfill any class role that does not betray the inherent goodness of their beliefs. 

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