Flying Mounts are one of the many means of Transportation in EQ2. This category details private, player-owned mounts only. For a complete list of mounts in game on a single page, including prices and runspeed, see Mounts.

Great Divide offers 2 quest series that give flying mounts after a few simple quests, then some daily "training" sessions. There are separate (but similar in difficulty) lines for adventurers and tradeskillers. 86+ in your respective profession is needed to start either line. Both are completable if you qualify for both.

A 3rd Velious griffon is available to accounts that purchased the collectors edition of DoV. Complete either line above, then /claim your item, then seek out Kezu.

A number of flying mounts (many are not gryphons) are also available via the StationCash market place, or via "other" means, such as special events. See Mounts for more details.

The Emerald Nightmare Pegasus is available from the SC Marketplace for 500 Dungeon Marks.

This category is for flying mounts. They have a standardized ground run speed of 75%, and a flight speed of 150%

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