Fertilizers have text that reads, "This would make great plant food."

For use with...[edit | edit source]

  1. Carnivorous Plant - a house pet that can be /claimed by some members or purchased from Noble Taig Rhul. The plant will give you collection "shinies" up to those found in zones added with the Kingdom of Sky game release.
  2. burynai seekers - that can be /claimed by some members. This pet will give shinies up to those found in Rise of Kunark zones. NOTE: This NPC may or may not offer rewards for Tier 11. Double check with a guild hall herbalist to be sure.
  3. Herbalist Hireling (a.k.a Groundskeeper) - a guild hall amenity. This special guild hall NPC will usually trade up to the shines the most shinies found in the most recent zones. Sometimes this NPC is a bit behind though!
  4. A Fathomlurker Shiny Seeker which is a reward from Terrors of Thalumbra timeline and seems to reward more often with high level collectibles. NOTE: Only accepts the level 100+ "Fertilizer", "Water", "Bone" from the list below.

Fertilizer Table[edit | edit source]

You will need one of each type (in each column) in order to "feed" any of the creatures or the NPC listed above

Fertilizer by Tier
Level Fertilizer Water Bone
10 pouch of peat flask of rancid water small decaying bone
20 small bag of ammonium sulfate‎ flask of stale water large decaying bone
30 small bag of muriate of potash flask of pond water small polished bone
40 small bag of diatomaceous earth flask of fresh water large polished bone
50 small bag of ammonium nitrate flask of pure water small meaty bone
60 This Tier had reported bugs that may or may not be fixed.
Mobs in this Tier may drop T5 or T7 ingredients instead.
70 small bag of compost flask of enchanted water large meaty bone
80 bag of tundra compost flask of glacial water large frostbitten bone
100 bag of gypsum flask of deep water gnawed bone

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