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For details on this topic, including how to check your faction standing, and an overview of the value of positive and negative faction, see main article for Faction.

  • This page is a list of the better known factions in a category format. For more info on specific factions see the Factions Page.
  • Each creature belongs to a faction and you have a standing with each faction. Many of the actions you take in Norrath, whether completing a quest or killing a monster, will cause you to gain or lose faction with one group or another.
  • Some factions may have merchants who sell special items like armor, weapons, mounts, tradeskill recipes, and house items that require a minimum amount of positive faction to purchase.

Faction is described by a number, but is also simplified into several labels, which you can see in the tooltip when you target a creature. The faction labels are as follows:

Scowls Threatening Dubious Apprehensive Indifferent Amiable Kindly Warmly Ally
-40K -30K -20K -10K 10K 20K 30K 40K

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