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Race: Ettin

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LnL rotate.gif For the purpose of Lore and Legend quests and racial attacks,
this race counts as a Giant

Ettins are a two-headed sub-race of Giants, known for their brutality and violent nature. There are two distinct sub-races of Ettin:

  • Thulian Ettin: These Ettin are typically the smaller of the two sub-races, and appear to be far less muscular in appearance, though they are still very strong and (often) violent. As the name implies, they are likely creations of Cazic-Thule, as most of the ones encountered speak Thulian. Their most distinctive features include a rather "melted", deformed-looking appearance, and the placement of one of their heads upon their chest, instead of next to the other. This head is typically always covered by a round, shield-like plate.
  • Rallosian Ettin: The larger sub-species, these Ettin appear to be far stronger, if not more intelligent, than their Thulian cousins. Their appearance is also far more uniform, with both heads sitting atop their bodies. They can typically be seeing wielding a weapon in both hands, and can often be seen wearing heavy plate armor.

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