Requirements Edit

  1. Starting the first Quest allways requires:
  2. Must be Ascension level 6 to start the second Quest
  3. Must be Ascension level 7 to start the third Quest
  4. Must be Ascension level 8 to start the fourth Quest
  5. Must be Ascension level 9 to start the fifth Quest which rewards you with your Fabled Epic 2.0 Weapon
  6. Must be Ascension level 10 to start the sixth Raid Quest which rewards you with your Mythical Epic 2.0 Weapon


  • Please note that the timelines will require more than listed above, please see each timeline for full requirements on each archetypal Quest
  • Note: Each Epic is six quests; five Heroic, one Epic. Each archetypal quest is different and requires different factions and prerequisites.
  • Note: If one of your characters has completed the Epic 2.0, you can purchase the "Guise of Pursuit" for faction boost from Sarya Val'Sara at Nye'Caelona in Obulus Frontier to give to other characters on the same account.
  • Note: with the game update 105 (02/13/2018) Epic 2.0 Quests now only require Ascension Level 5 to start. City and Epic 1.0 quests are no longer required.

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