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The Djinn of the Desert of Ro originate from The Plane of Sky. Various portals created by conjurers intent on gaining greater power allowed the Djinn to cross over. In some cases, they remained in the service of their summoning masters. In others, they tricked their way free... for a time.

Since Djinn are not native to the primary plane of existence, they suffer the same degradation that many similar beings do when separated from their home dimension for too long. Because of this, the Djinn must maintain some sort of link to the essence of their plane of origin. For the Djinn of The Desert of Ro, these existential anchors come in the form of the container with which the being is associated.

Lamps, flasks, boxes, vases and various forms of jewelry have all been used to house Djinn. The specific shape of the object and the materials used have an unknown correlation to the type of Djinn an item can support. What is obvious is that the object (or the materials it is made from) has to have originated from The Plane of Sky. Since all elements of a given plane are metaphysical extensions of the plane itself, it makes sense that the Djinn require such objects to maintain themselves.

NOTE: Djini is the singular form of Djinn

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