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During the devotion quest chain for your god, usually 3rd (may vary) in a Deity's line, one of the rewards is a summoned noncombat buff pet. The buff from the pets scale to your level.

Update: As of GU61, all pets now give +boost to all 5 stats (STR, AGI, INT, STA, WIS). This will still scale by level (listed below). If you have access to the 'Shadows' AA tree, you can buy upgrades to enhance this (1aa=+10%, max 5pts). 5AA gives +50%, taking the L90 of 38.5 to 57.7.

stats by level
Level +boost
50 ?
55 21.5
60 ?
70 41*
80 ?
90 38.5
  • with shadow deity pet +5 aa
Deity Pets
Deity Pet Race Release
Mithaniel Marr Valiant Beast Lion EoF
Quellious Peaceful Visage Air Elemental EoF
Tunare Friend of Growth Wisp EoF
Rodcet Nife Healing Companion Valkyrie TSO
Bristlebane Beloved of Bristlebane Bovach LU38
Brell Serilis Underfoot Attendant Earth Elemental EoF
Karana Child of Karana Water Elemental RoK
Solusek Ro Minion of Ro Imp EoF
The Tribunal The Tribunal's Bailiff Shrouded Figure RoK
Bertoxxulous Pariah of Bertoxxulous Carrion Golem RoK
Cazic-Thule Servant of Thule Lizardman EoF
Innoruuk Minion of Hate Mummy EoF
Rallos Zek Warrior of Zek Giant EoF
Anashti Sul Undying Servant Void Beast TSO

EQ2 Diety Pets at 120 with 2021 Etheral Buff

Can now be hidden with /pet hide

Unknown source from Discord: pets at 120 with Ethereal 2021 buff enabled

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