These NPC's will lead players to the location of Prophets of returned gods, where you may start on the path of worship.

Deity's Prophet and Location
Anashti Sul Plumetor Dul'Sadma Sinking Sands
Bertoxxulous Hrath Everstill Gorowyn
Brell Serilis Bronlor Stormhammer Butcherblock Mountains
Bristlebane Tobel Patadash Enchanted Lands
Cazic-Thule Danak Dhorentath Butcherblock Mountains
Innoruuk Xilania Nevagon Greater Faydark
Karana Askr Timorous Deep
Mithaniel Marr Sir Bayden Cauldthorn Old Kelethin
Quellious Pacificator Merrek Butcherblock Mountains
Rallos Zek Tychus Zeksworn Butcherblock Mountains
Rodcet Nife Bainyn Fairwind North Qeynos
Solusek Ro Civean Il'Pernod Butcherblock Mountains
The Tribunal Justinian Theo Timorous Deep
Tunare Kurista Old Kelethin

Deity Historian Merchant

Example of the Buy Window of a Deity Historian

Buy the spell book at Butcherblock Docks from the Diety Historian.

They sell base level Altars, and recipe books to craft better ones.


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