Upon completing the 5th quest in a Deity's Timeline, you receive a cloak with the image of your god (also seen in the background of your Altar UI).

Deity Cloaks
Deity Cloak Effect
Mithaniel Marr Cloak of Valor Attack Proc for +50 Str +15 DPS +40% Size, 15s duration
Quellious Cloak of Tranquility Attack Proc for 8s Daze(target) -50% Hategain(caster)
Tunare Ivy-shroud of Tunare +30 heal amount
Rodcet Nife Cloak of the Prime Healer +3 Heal Crit Chance, +25 Heal Amount
Brell Serilis Cloak of the Underfoot Attack Proc for 350 heal, Summon alcohol for group(activated)
Bristlebane Cloak of Mischief Random, 30m duration. -30% size -10% Hategain, +30% size +10 DPS, Shapechange goblin + Coinshower
Solusek Ro Cloak of the Burning Prince +65 spell damage
The Tribunal Cloak of Justice Attack Proc for 5s Stun
Karana Cloak of Storms +50 spell and combat art damage
Anashti Sul Cloak of the Forgotten Attack Proc for 604 Poison Damage, and 10s of +5% Melee Crit, +5% Damage Spell Crit
Cazic-Thule Cape of Thule
Cloak of Thule
Spell Proc for 3s fear
Attack Proc for 3s fear (lower trigger rate than spell version)
Innoruuk Cloak of Hatred
Drape of Hatred
Spell Proc for -65 power(target +50 power(caster)
Attack Proc for 125 Divine damage(target) 100 heal(caster)
Rallos Zek War Mantle of Rallos Zek Attack Proc for 6s, +14 DPS(caster) 264 slashing on target instant 85 slashing every 3s
Bertoxxulous Cloak of Pestilence Chance for death prevention (unknown trigger chance)

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