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Little is known about the origin of the Cyclopes, including what deity may have placed them on the face of Norrath. It is rumored that around the time of The Rending, some tribes of Seafury Cyclopes (who had a long tenure in the Ocean of Tears) journeyed to the Desert of Ro, adopting the name Sandfury.

From tales that are said to originate from the Cyclopes themselves, it is told that they worship both The Eye of the Night and The Eye of the Day (commonly believed to be a misconceived perception of a sun and moon). The Sandfuries are often tied with worshiping The Eye of the Night, while the long-unheard-from Seafuries worship The Eye of the Day.

Some also believe that the past of the Sandfury Cyclopes is intertwined with the origin of the Seer Stone in Ro, though this is not an entirely common belief. Though we don't know much of the true nature of this race, we do know that they are fierce, tribal, and very territorial.


  • The plural of Cyclops is Cyclopes.
  • In Greek Mythology, there was a cyclops by the name of Polyphemyus encountered by Jason and the Argonauts. This cyclops exists in Norrath, on the Island of the Cyclops in The Moors of Ykesha. 
  • For the Lore & Legend quest for this race, see Lore and Legend: Cyclops.

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