In-Game Coercer Alternate Advancements Tree
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Enhance: Medusa GazeEnhance: CharmEnhance: Mana FlowEnhance: Destructive MindEnhance: Shift ManaEnhance: BreezeEnhance: Forced HesitationEnhance: Absorb MagicEnhance: AsylumEnhance: Peaceful LinkEnhance: HostageEnhance: Spell CurseEnhance: Ego ShockEnhance: Obliterated PsycheEnhance: Cannibalize ThoughtsEnhance: Mana CloakEnhance: StupefyEnhance: Shock WaveEnhance: Mind's EyeEnhance: ChannelEnhance: MindbendThought SnapTashianaManawardCoercive HealingIncreased VelocitySimple MindedConceited BlastEdge of InsanityPeaceful HostilityHastened ManaCoercive ShoutCoercer AA Tree.jpg
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