A Centaur

Centaur have the appearance of half-man and half-horse; always found with a human-like upper body and horse-like lower body, never the inverse. Perhaps it is this unique combination of two separate creatures (horse and human) that have led centaur to never have a solid creation myth: "Some say that centaurs were formed by the union of a wood elf queen and the god Karana, which is why centaurs always roam, yet love the land so completely. We centaurs feel no such need to explain ourselves; we have always been, and that is enough," from A History of the Centaur by Wiseman Oluran.

Centaur separate themselves into clans based on sex. Female centaur instinctively resent male centaur's own instinctive drive to confine and protect them. In their early years the sexes lived together, but this led to negative confrontations between the sexes. To solve this, it was decreed by Zehadra the Wise, assumed to be a mutually respected authority back in early centaur history, that the sexes would divide themselves. This tradition continued until The Shattering decimated their ancestral homeland of the Plains of Karana. Now, the sexes live and work much closer as resources and territory have drastically shrunk.

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