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Race: Catoplebas

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The Feerrott is home to a strange race of ancient beings known as the catoplebas. How these beings arose remains a mystery, but we are constantly learning more about these creatures thanks to the efforts of tireless adventurers. They appear to be part plant, part animal in nature -- a combination that renders even the weaker members of the race quite powerful by normal standards. The oldest and most powerful of these creatures is known as Acrimoniad, and while the exact nature of this creature is a mystery, our best information indicates it is truly ancient; perhaps the first of its kind and the forbearer to all catoplebas found throughout Norrath. ~ Professor R. Cogglesworth

Although Professor Cogglesworth mentions only The Feerrott, Catoplebas also exist in other areas of Norrath, including Enchanted Lands and the Tombs of Night from the Bloodline Chronicles in Nektulos Forest.

NOTE: In-game, these are more commonly referred to by players as triffids.

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