These are all the Shadows AAs accessible to the Bruiser subclass. The different Shadows lines are unlocked as follows:

*Note: Total points includes points spent in all tabs, including all the various lines of the Shadows tab. The required 10 points in the previous line do count towards the total.

AA Tree

In-Game Bruiser Shadows Alternate Advancements Tree
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Pet of the GodsBountiful FeastAmple HarvestHearty ConstitutionSwift JourneyEnhanced MindSwift StridesSwift CreationConsummate DefenderSwinging StrikeEnhance: RescueOffensive ProwessRiposte MasteryBattle HardeningSneering AssaultTranquil ForewarningTactical PrecisionBlazing CobraThunderous StrikeDeflecting BlowAversion (AA)Inner FocusConquerCalming DemeanorDeadly AssaultBruising FuryHardened Skin (AA)Adrenaline Rush (Bruiser)Impenetrable WillStaggering Blow (AA)Bruiser shadows AA
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