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Deep below Soul Eater Falls in Nektulos Forest, a hidden lair of vampires has been discovered! The vampire-routing orders of The Hand of Marr and The Brethren of Night have called upon any able-bodied adventurers to assist them in their independent goals of discovering what secrets lie within.

Introduced March 21, 2005, The Bloodline Chronicles was the first Adventure Pack episode for EverQuest II.


  • Bloodline Chronicles is aimed at character levels 50-55. The main quest line is group-oriented, and players attempting to solo the content at level 50 may find it to be difficult. There are some individual zones with solo content, but they offer few rewards. A raid is also available at level 50.
  • This adventure pack introduced several new races, including vampires, hellhounds, and a race of zombies called revenants. Also introduced was destructible environments, such as the various fragile walls and breakable coffins that are strewn about the zones.
  • Besides unique item appearances and, of course, adventure, the greatest rewards from Bloodline Chronicles are a unique level 35 spell that can be used against vampires, and a silver charm that can be used to cast a vampire illusion on the character.

Starting the Adventure[]

Interact with the trapdoor leading to the D'Morte Burial Chambers in Nektulos Forest at ( 678, 2, -617 ) Copy to receive a D'Morte insignia band. Examining it will offer the introductory quest, D'Morte Burial Chambers. While this quest and it's followup are technically optional, their completion isn't required to access the other zones in the adventure pack, they should nonetheless be completed in order to experience the complete lore of the adventure.


The Underrot Caverns[]

Dire Hollow[]

D'Morte Burial Chambers[]

The Tombs of Night[]

The Crypt of T'haen[]


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