These are Dragon AAs that are common to Berserker.

The first ability in a tree has no requirements.
Each ability below that is unlocked by spending 1 point in the ability above it.
To unlock the last ability 30 points needs to spent in that line.

AA TreeEdit

In-Game Berserker Alternate Advancements Tree
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Quick RegenerationDragon ScalesAncient FocusForward StanceArmorbreakFierce RoarTerrifyAncient AdvanceResurgent CounterLast StandStrength of MindStrength WithinOutnumberedLayered ScalesIntimidationUnited StrengthYelinak's FocusDraconic ShoutProvocationAggressor's PowerFighter Dragon AAs
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Yelinak's Essence Dragon AAs
Quick Regeneration
Resurgent Counter
Yelinak's Focus
Elder Dragon Scales Dragon AAs
Dragon Scales
Fierce Roar
Last Stand
Layered Scales
Draconic Shout
Dragon Roar Dragon AAs
Ancient Focus
Strength of Mind
Draconic Aggressor Dragon AAs
Forward Stance
Ancient Advance
Strength Within
United Strength
Aggressor's Power

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