In-Game Berserker Alternate Advancements Tree
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Enhance: ChaosEnhance: BloodbathEnhance: Raging BlowEnhance: Berserk RageEnhance: Blood RageEnhance: Destructive RageEnhance: Berserker OnslaughtEnhance: MaulEnhance: Body CheckEnhance: Wall of RageEnhance: Stunning RoarEnhance: War CryEnhance: Controlled RageEnhance: Unyielding WillEnhance: RampageEnhance: MutilateEnhance: Head CrushEnhance: Weapon CounterEnhance: Vision of MadnessEnhance: Open WoundsEnhance: DemolishEnhance: JuggernautPerseveranceCyclonesGut RoarBerserkBath of BloodAggravationShot of AdrenalineTotal MadnessWard of RageInsolent CryBattle FrenzyBerserker AA Tree
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