As part of the Echoes of Faydwer expansion, your character can choose to worship a Deity. Seek out the nearest Deity Historian for information and directions to the prophets. There are twelve returned deities to choose from as of the release of the Rise of Kunark expansion: four evil, four good, and four neutral.

To show your devotion, you must perform quests in the name of your deity. Each deity has its own progressive line of quests. The first 3-4 quests are soloable or duoable, while the last quest for most gods requires a group. For each quest that you complete, you unlock one miracle and one blessing and receive a substantial amount of Favor. Completing the final quest rewards you with a cloak specific to your deity.


Deity-Specific Worship Rewards
Quest Num Level Range Favor Granted Item Rewards Notes
1 20-25 1250 the base altar Unlocks the first blessing/miracle pair
2 30-35 2500 deity accessory choice Unlocks the second blessing/miracle pair
3 50-55 5,000 a pet Unlocks the third blessing/miracle pair
4 60-65 7,500 a better altar Unlocks the fourth blessing/miracle pair
5 70-75 10,000 a cloak with the deity's symbol Unlocks the final blessing/miracle pair

Renouncing Your FaithEdit

You may renounce your faith. There is no longer a period of waiting before you can begin following a new deity and you will permanently lose all currently accrued favor with that deity. To do so, you must click the altar of your chosen deity near their prophet and select "Yes" window that appears asking you to confirm your decision.

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