In-Game Bard Alternate Advancements Tree
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Bard's LuckTurnstrikeBladeturnBladesingBladedanceImproved ReflexesBumpWayfarer's WatchPoison ConcoctionVanishing ActStealthy AmbushRound BashSkald's DefenseFortissimoLend ShieldingSong of ShieldingMessenger's LetterHarbinger's SonnetAllegroDon't Kill the MessengerSwift VoicesRhythm BladeMinstrel's AriaMinstrel's MelodyHeroic StorytellingPrecise BladesRhythmic OvertureBard AA Tree.jpg
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This is the main category for Bard AAs, providing a simple, alphabetic list of all the AAs for the class. For more information about specific Bard AAs including an overview of the Bard AA lines, with descriptions, see the main article.

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