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In the wake of disastrous impact events near shoreside communities, Norrath's exceptional adventurers and artisans find themselves swept up in a raging struggle for survival in the skies far above! Splendor Sky Aerie, the hooluk’s secluded nest lands, are being invaded. Securing peace for them will mean venturing where few have ever dared - Zimara Breadth, within the deteriorating Plane of Sky!


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  • Heroic Tier 1 Named: 9555 Resolve
  • Heroic Tier 1 Final Named: 9570 Resolve
  • Heroic Tier 2 Named: 9660 Resolve
  • Heroic Tier 2 Final Named: 9680 Resolve
  • Heroic Tier 3 Named: 9715 Resolve
  • Heroic Tier 3 Final Named: 9730 Resolve


  • Raid Tier 1: 9765, 430 ADC
  • Raid Tier 2:9920
  • Raid Tier 3:10040
  • Raid Tier 4: 10090
  • Raid Tier 5: ??? Resolve

Overland Zones[]


Solo Instances[]

Heroic Instances[]

Event Heroic Instances[]

Raid Zones[]

Per Gninja, there will also be additional raid content released next year at a few different times outside of the zones listed here. Info about the additional raids will be released in time.

  • Vaashkaani, Alcazar of Zimara: Chromatic Chamber [Raid]
    • Release Date: Will release when the Ballads of Zimara expansion unlocks.
    • Number and Tier of Bosses: Three(3) Tier One(1) Bosses
    • Requirements: This raid is unlocked via progress on the heritage quest "Of Duty and Fate: Prepared for the Worst" Only one member of your raid force needs to have access to bring in a full raid force. The heritage quest itself will be unlocked for testing shortly after Beta begins.
  • Zimara Breadth: Crested Expanse [Raid]
    • Release Date: After the New Year.
    • Number and Tier of Bosses: Two(2) Tier Two(2) Bosses, One(1) Tier Three(3) boss, and One (1) Tier Three (3) Challenge Mode boss.
  • Aether Wroughtlands: The Delves [Raid]
    • Release Date: After the New Year.
    • Number and Tier of Bosses: Two(2) Tier Two(2) Bosses, Two(2) Tier Three(3) Bosses, and One(1) Tier Four(4) Boss.
  • Vaashkaani, Alcazar of Zimara: Sovereign Summons [Raid]
    • Release Date: After the New Year.
    • Number and Tier of Bosses: One(1) Tier Two(2) Boss, Two(2) Tier Three(3) Bosses, One(1) Tier Four(4) Boss, and One(1) Tier Five(5) Boss.


Soe logo white EQ2i credits posts in this thread written by Gninja at the SOE/DBG Forums for some of the information in this article.

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