These are Dragon AAs that are common to Assassin.

The first ability in a tree has no requirements.
Each ability below that is unlocked by spending 1 point in the ability above it.
To unlock the last ability 30 points needs to spent in that line.

AA TreeEdit

In-Game Assassin Alternate Advancements Tree
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ImpatienceDragon's VitalityChained ClawsElimination StanceVicious CounterPower ThroughPunishing EvasionEliminator's PrecisionRallying DriveShake OffKnown EnemySwift WingsSonic ReactionDozekar's ResilienceQuick TacticsSubtle MovementsCunningPersistenceDragon ClawsDragonwrathScout Dragon AAs
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Dozekar's Essence Dragon AAs
Vicious Counter
Rallying Drive
Sonic Reaction
Awakened Dragon Scales Dragon AAs
Dragon's Vitality
Power Through
Shake Off
Dozekar's Resilience
Dragon Claws Dragon AAs
Chained Claws
Punishing Evasion
Known Enemy
Quick Tactics
Dragon Claws
Dragonwrath Dragon AAs
Elimination Stance
Eliminator's Precision
Swift Wings
Subtle Movements

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