In-Game Assassin Alternate Advancements Tree
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Enhance: Quick StrikeEnhance: Cheap ShotEnhance: SprintEnhance: CaltropsEnhance: Gushing WoundEnhance: Jugular SliceEnhance: TortureEnhance: Honed ReflexesEnhance: Hemotoxin PoisonEnhance: Ignorant Bliss PoisonEnhance: ImpaleEnhance: Death MarkEnhance: Paralyzing StrikeEnhance: Crippling StrikeEnhance: Cunning DefenseEnhance: Deadly FocusEnhance: Attribute PoisonEnhance: Stealth AssaultEnhance: Sinister StrikeEnhance: ExactingEnhance: Apply PoisonExcessive BleedingRepeated StabbingGetawayFrontloadSwiping BladesOne Foot in the GraveImpaling StabCrippling StrengthDraining MarkKilling FuryShadow StepAssassin AA Tree
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