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If you do not know how to format a page but you have information you want to share, you can type the information you want to add and include on your edited page the {{wikify}} tag. When you include this tag, the following notice appears on the page:

This page is in need of wikification.
Use the edit button above and make your mark on EQ2i!
When the article is as complete as can be reasonably asked and properly formatted per our standards, please remove the {{wikify}} tag at the top of the article!
You can also see Category:Articles needing wikification for a list of more articles in need of some love!

All of the following articles bear the {{wikify}} tag. Please, won't you help wikify them?

note: as of 2008-Feb-17: pages marked with {{imageph}} are no longer dumped directly in here, they are still in Category:Image Placeholders, and it is now a subcat here.

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