The following articles listed here have the tag, {{info}} somewhere in them, or they call a template and one or more fields are blank or point to a redlink, indicating they are missing one or more pieces of information to make them complete. If you have the time and don't mind running around in game to locate monsters, check levels, and generally exploring the game for information, please help EQ2i by editing the article and adding what you can discover.

  • Category:Stubs is used by some authors to mark pages they have pasted in to avoid redlinks, but have little or no information on them, or to request the help of others to complete. Design Note: Although redlinks are a clear indicator of missing information, many browsers allow users to turn off colors or change them. Also, users with a color vision deficiency cannot see them. We use Stubs as our preferred approach to avoid redlinks and attract the attention of helpers.
  • Special:Wantedpages is the central repository of those pages that are referenced by another article but currently do not exist (redlinks).
  • Category:Pages that need EQ2MAP info indicates we need the Unique ID that the EQ2 Modular Atlas Project has attached to this object. If you use EQ2MAP or are simply familiar with their website and have the time to chase down some missing UIDs, please check out this category.
  • Category:Articles with redlinks has links to many different kinds of missing page references.

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