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Armorsmithing is an artisan level 20 branch off of the Outfitter crafting specialty. As implied in the name, armorsmiths create armor, but only of the chain and plate variety, tailors make leather and cloth. In order to take up this Tradeskill when you reach level 19 in your crafting career, you need to choose the Outfitter class when you reach tradeskill level 9.

Basic armorsmithing recipes can be bought from crafting trainers, but the more advanced recipe books (using rare components) must be taken from the rapidly cooling bodies of enemy monsters. The monster level directly corresponds to the level of the book, ie. a level 25 monster will drop a book of advanced recipes for armorsmithing with an artisan level of 25. This is true for all tradeskills and specialties.

Armorsmiths use Roots, Leather and Ore to make their armor. This is profession is recommended for fighters and scouts who would prefer to make their own armor.

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