A collection of armor can be referred to as an Armor Set for any of several reasons, or more than one.

  • It is an Armor Set, and each piece says so in the examine UI window.
  • All the pieces in the set are of the same tier and have a similar appearance, whether or not they have similar names.
  • All the pieces are obtained the same way, such as Relic sets, or Armor Quest sets.
  • An Overview of the Fabled Armor Sets can be found here Fabled Sets

For an overall view of just images related to armor sets, see the armor set images category.

Adding a New Armor Set

Because of the way the template had to be created for armor sets, you cannot use substitution to load the template like normal.

  1. click here to open the edit page for Template:ArmorSetx
  2. Click inside the edit window, then use Ctrl-A and Ctrl-C to copy the entire contents of the edit window.
  3. Start your page, named something like My Armor (Armor Set), and edit it.
  4. Use Ctrl-V to paste the copy buffer into the edit window
  5. Remove the top several lines, as the template tells you to! Then just fill in the template, following the directions regarding removal of some parts. Be sure to change the name of the armor set in the first line, and set the tier correctly!

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