Arena Pets are creature or animal house items that can also be used in conjunction with a guild amenity.

  • Though they are similar to house pets, their interactive menu is not as robust as regular house pets.
  • To tell them apart from house pets, R click to open the examine window; the descriptions for arena pets will always refer to them as "...this champion".
  • At one time these were purchased in Maj'Dul, but they have been moved to the loyalty merchant, Noble Taig Rhul.

Use with the Creature Conjurer

  • If your guild has the Creature Conjurer Guild Hall Amenity and you own at least one, the conjurer will summon them for practice battles.
  • To do so, you must have a pet in your inventory, personal bank, or shared bank. If in a shared bank, all characters on the account can have that pet conjured
  • You gain no xp for these fights but can die a real death (with debt); however, the kills might count toward Lore and Legend quests auto-updates for (body) parts.

Why They are Called Arena Pets

  • During the early years of EQ2, players were able to meet in the Arena to engage in basic PvP (Player vs Player) combat.
  • Arena Pets were creatures that a player could incarnate or "possess" to fight at matches within the Arena. To incarnate such a pet, a player needed to own the item corresponding to that pet.
  • The Battlegrounds were later added to offer easy access to PvP, making the Arena moot. The Arena was removed from the game around the time Freeport was revamped (LU62).

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