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  • Level-agnostic Dungeons for level 20-89 coming this fall (before the expac) with proprotional loot available for all participants. Now, time spent leveling up or grouping up with lower level characters won’t be perceived as “wasted” as you’ll be a better character at 95-100 for having played these lower level zones.
  • Also in an update this fall, a Rare Heroic Loot merchant like we’ve seen in previous years. This allows those who have been incredibly unlucky on the RNG to buy desired rare heroic drops.
  • Altar of Malice will take place in the Shattered Seas, a small body of water between Antonica and Faydwer.
  • Altar of Malice brings with it a new playable race, the Aerakyn. They offer some extra aesthetic customization (custom horns, wings, scale pattern color) and their wings actually develop over time so when you hit level 85 and achieve flight, its on your own homegrown wings.
  • Guild level goes to 100, with more amenities and upgraded “elite” guild halls.
  • New Rabbit leaper mount with good and evil versions.
  • Collection items (shinies) will now be sellable for Status. It sounds like the Status merchant is going to get loaded up with stuff as a way for players to spend status.
  • All character spells and combat arts can be upgraded to Grandmaster. Some will upgrade to Ancient quality.
  • We’re going to the home of the Far Seas Trading Company — Castle Highhold — and will find out why we’ve been blocked from going there for so long.
  • This Fall, All Access members will get the ability to retrieve mail attachments and access the broker from anywhere in the world.
  • EQ2 will celebrate its 10th anniversary with a special heroes festival set to begin in November, with 11-year veterans getting a special Isle of Refuge prestige home, complete with a starter population pack.

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