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Aerakyn Male

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Race Information
Home Cities: Neriak
New Halas

Overview Edit

Once the unwilling soldiers of the great Prismatic Dragon, Kerafyrm, the Aerakyn are now free from his thrall. Unable to return to their homelands. they seek to re-establish their culture on Norrath.

Having been used as shock troops by the Kerafyrm throughout the Ages End, they are looked at with suspicion, but the Aerkyn are determined to prove their worth.

Race AccessEdit

Like the Freeblood, This character race must be unlocked via the Marketplace by players of all account types. This race was introduced in November 2014.

A base version of the race can be unlocked or a "noble" version can be unlocked instead. Buying the unlock for the noble version is not unlike buying a race with the addition of three mounts because:

  • The noble version can use their wings as a mount at the key levels for each type of mount at levels 30, 60, and 85.
  • The noble version also has special animation for their wings during combat.

Common Physical Traits Edit

The Aerakyn are easily recognized by their prominent wings, and dragon like horns. Their stature is moderate; at their tallest and smallest they are of a rather average height compared to other races.

The upper scale area of the wing color can be altered by the scale color menu, while the lower color of the wings is based on the skin tone you choose. Unlike other winged races, they only have one wing style.

The hair colors and styles bear similarities to the Fae and Arasai; they tend to look wispy and the color choices are more vibrant than other races.

The skin tones of this race range from light to dark, but include deeper reds and greens in a manner similar to the Ogre race. The eye colors are also primarily on the vibrant shade scale.

Aerakyn Traditions Edit

Choose one of these every 10th level up to 90.
Name Effect Duration
Elddar Mind Grants a level-dependent increase to INT.Passive
Ancient Strength Grants a level-dependent increase to STR.Passive
Dyn'leth's Reflexes Increases Multi Attack chance by 2.0%. Passive
Veeshan's Embrace Increases Ministration, Crushing and Ranged by 5.0 Passive
Winged Frenzy Increases Slashing, Piercing, and Disruption by 5.0. Passive
Mixed Heritage Grants a level-dependent increase to Ability Modifier. Passive
Veldyn's Touch Increases out-of-combat health regeneration based on level. Passive
Flame Broiled Increases the duration of food by 10%. Passive
Lethar's Blessing Improves the duration of potions by 20%. Passive
Toxic Lineage Increases the trigger count of poisons by 25%. Passive
Fortitude of the BroodIncreases health pool by 3.0%.Passive
Focused MindIncreases max power by 3.0%.Passive
Elemental InheritanceIncreases elemental mitigation based on level.Passive
Disease ScalesIncreases noxious mitigation based on level.Passive
Arcane TalentsReduces the power costs of Sage reaction arts by 10%.Passive
Skilled HandsIncreases success chance by 2.0%Passive
Quick HandsIncreases the amount of progress gained by 2.0%.Passive
Elddar ArtistryIncreases durability gained by 2 every round.Passive
Serpent's Spine TrainingIncreases metalworking by 5.0%Passive
Innate Abilities
Pyrebreath BulwarkDispels levels of elemental hostile effects and wards caster against elemental damage which scale by level.Casting 0.25 sec., recast 4 min., duration 10.0 sec.
FeatherfallReduces maximum falling speedPassive
Wing BeatIncreases in-combat movement speed by 50.0%, increases speed of caster by 50.0%.Casting 1.0 sec., recast 5 min., duration 36.0 sec.

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