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Alternate Advancements, or AAs, are an alternate form of character advancement beyond the adventuring level cap. They extend or augment the player's existing skills and add some new abilities. See Alternate Advancement for more general info, including level caps.

Fighter (Shadows) (Heroic) (Dragon) (Prestige) (Prestige II)
Warrior (Shadows) (Heroic) (Prestige II)
 - Berserker (Shadows) (Dragon) (Prestige)
 - Guardian (Shadows) (Dragon) (Prestige)
Brawler (Shadows) (Heroic) (Prestige II)
 - Bruiser (Shadows) (Dragon) (Prestige)
 - Monk (Shadows) (Dragon) (Prestige)
Crusader (Shadows) (Heroic) (Prestige II)
 - Paladin (Shadows) (Dragon) (Prestige)
 - Shadowknight (Shadows) (Dragon) (Prestige)

Mage (Shadows) (Heroic) (Dragon) (Prestige) (Prestige II)
Sorcerer (Shadows) (Heroic) (Prestige II)
 - Warlock (Shadows) (Dragon) (Prestige)
 - Wizard (Shadows) (Dragon) (Prestige)
Enchanter (Shadows) (Heroic) (Prestige II)
 - Coercer (Shadows) (Dragon) (Prestige)
 - Illusionist (Shadows) (Dragon) (Prestige)
Summoner (Shadows) (Heroic) (Prestige II)
 - Conjuror (Shadows) (Dragon) (Prestige)
 - Necromancer (Shadows) (Dragon) (Prestige)

Priest (Shadows) (Heroic) (Dragon) (Prestige) (Prestige II)
Druid (Shadows) (Heroic) (Prestige II)
 - Fury (Shadows) (Dragon) (Prestige)
 - Warden (Shadows) (Dragon) (Prestige)
Cleric (Shadows) (Heroic) (Prestige II)
 - Inquisitor (Shadows) (Dragon) (Prestige)
 - Templar (Shadows) (Dragon) (Prestige)
Shaman (Shadows) (Heroic) (Prestige II)
 - Defiler (Shadows) (Dragon) (Prestige)
 - Mystic (Shadows) (Dragon) (Prestige)

Scout (Shadows) (Heroic) (Dragon) (Prestige) (Prestige II)
Bard (Shadows) (Heroic) (Prestige II)
 - Dirge (Shadows) (Dragon) (Prestige)
 - Troubador (Shadows) (Dragon) (Prestige)
Predator (Shadows) (Heroic) (Prestige II)
 - Assassin (Shadows) (Dragon) (Prestige)
 - Ranger (Shadows) (Dragon) (Prestige)
Rogue (Shadows) (Heroic) (Prestige II)
 - Brigand (Shadows) (Dragon) (Prestige)
 - Swashbuckler (Shadows) (Dragon) (Prestige)

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