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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Public  (AA)
Journal Level Scales with player level
Journal Difficulty Epic
Starting Zone Portal to the Past: Southern Desert of Ro (Public Quest) more
How to Start Enter the starting zone with at least 5 other players.

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How to StartEdit

Ro Portal - No PQ

Portal while the PQ is NOT available

Ro Portal - PQ

Portal while the PQ is available

  • Enter the Public Quest version of the Southern Desert of Ro from the 3rd portal on the right in The Chronoweave.
  • There must be a total of 6 players inside the zone to kick off the Public Quest. If there are more than 18 players it will start early, disregarding the countdown.
  • Currently the minimum duration between 2 PQs is 2 hours, with no apparent upper limit.
  • Should there be more than one instance open please note that your character is precluded from joining the other instance as it receives a 60 minute lockout timer upon PQ completion, you can however log an alt and participate with that.
  • You can tell at a glance wether the PQ is available by checking for an additional glow around the portal.


  • Zone map is based on Cazel's Mesa or Scornfeather Roost.
  • The quest Hunt the Past can be advanced also in here by killing the desert asps, which are not part of the PQ itself.
  • Upon start there is a 60 minute timelimit for completion, should you fail to kill the Ancient Cyclops in that timeframe you will be booted back the The Chronoweave and receive no reward. Therefore if you need more than 15 minutes to finish off all the Desert Madmen you should abandon the attempt.


  1. To spawn the Ancient Cyclops, you basically just follow the suggestions of the camper NPCs.
    1. The first camper talks about desert madmen. Kill all the ^^^ desert madmen.
    2. The next camper talks about mummies. Run around to all the spots with tombstones and kill the mummies that spawn from the ground.
      • Note: The players and not the NPCs have to defeat mummies from all 4 gravesites.
  2. Kill Terrorantula first to be able to damage and kill the Ancient Cyclops.
    • Note: Terrorantula will heal if its too close to the Cyclops so seperate the two.
  3. Finally you get to kill the Ancient Cyclops for the PQ reward.



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