Butcherblock Mountains Timeline
Recommended Levels 20 to 33
Introduced: Echoes of Faydwer
Difficulty: Solo
Starts in: Butcherblock Mountains
Preceded by: Greater Faydark Timeline

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Timorous Deep Timeline
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Antonica Timeline

Followed by: Enchanted Lands Timeline

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The following soloable quests take place in or around Butcherblock Mountains, and are aimed at characters of levels 20 to 35. The quests are designed so that you can start at three different locations: either the Greater Faydark Passage, the docks, or the sarnak camp. Each starting point will take you to the other locations after a few quests.

(recommended levels in parentheses)

Griffon Routes

One of the first things you may want to do is to enable the griffon flight routes. This will give you quick travel between the quest hubs. The quest is doable at level 20 and will greatly assist your questing here.

At the Docks

Dockmaster Waulon

  1. Dock Delinquency (20)
  2. Coin for the Captain (21)
  3. Nautical Disaster (22)
  4. Seeking Brulten Hiltstill (24)
  5. The Kobold and the Beautiful (20) - continues with Brulten Hiltstill at the Highland Camp

Making Friends with the Dwarves

  1. Sarnak Sympathizer: Part 1 (20) - beginning with Raghunatha on the Butcherblock Docks
  2. Dark Tides (25) - continuing with Griss Brumbaugh on the docks
  3. Picking up the Pieces (27) - continuing with Grimshaw Packwright at East Fort Irontoe
  4. Ain't No Monkey Business (28) - continuing with Grimshaw Packwright at East Fort Irontoe
  5. Simple Grunt Work {30) - beginning with Paix Hormezyar at West Fort Irontoe
  6. When You Mess With An Angry Dwarf (33) - continuing with Paix Hormezyar at West Fort Irontoe
  7. Solid Foundation (34) - beginning with Holdyn Mackendrick at West Fort Irontoe
  8. Sarnak Sympathizer: Part 2 (35) - returning to Raghunatha

At The Highland Camp

Brulten Hiltstill

  1. The Kobold and the Beautiful (20)
  2. Muckflick Message Intercepted (20)
  3. Seeking the Kilnkors(21) - continues with Jonedorn Kilnkor at East Fort Irontoe

Trapper Coalbear - walking the road near griffin tower

Neriak Camp

Talvrae T'Zyth

  1. For the Dogs (20)
  2. A Mind Of My Own (20)

Geldrani A'Zhi'Tel

  1. A Dim Light (20)
  2. Digging in the Yard (20)
  3. A Strange Mix (20)

At Gorowyn Research Camp

Researcher Bredik - offered only if you finish Scout Chillekla's quest line in Timorous Deep

  1. Trail of Feathers (20)
  2. Where Spirocs Dare (21)
  3. Birds of a Feather (22)

Guard Tellik

  1. Necessary Precautions (20)

Researcher Eruwun

  1. Unusual Palate (21)

Guard Daarwyn

  1. Thieving Runts (21)

Ninoin D'syl

  1. Teir'Dal Timber (22)
  2. Fletch Me More (26)
  3. Straight and to the Point (27)

Fort Irontoe

Jonedorn Kilnkor - in the office at East Fort Irontoe

  1. Axing a Favor (22)
  2. The Forest Strikes Back (24)
  3. Finding Gloln Kilnkor (22) - Continues with Gloln Kilnkor in the South guard tower of East Fort Irontoe
  4. A Report of an Army (27)
  5. Pillage or be Pillaged (30 Heroic)
  6. All Quiet on the Western Front? (31 Heroic) - Concludes with Barrot Gulleyton in West Fort Irontoe at the barricades

Grot Leadarm / Garl Copperstroke / Trinny Sweetdough - starts in East Fort Irontoe

  1. Ill Communication (24) - sends you to Garl
  2. Silencing the Shriekers (24)
  3. Searching for Sweetdough (25) - sends you to Trinny at Lesser Faydark Passage

Irontoe Brigade series

  1. The Yarpsnarls (22) - starts with Argro Durthor on the trail near East Fort Irontoe ( -442, 149, -438 )
  2. The Many Uses of Carapace (23)
  3. Irontoe Brigade Requisition Lists (23)
  4. Delivery to Verung (24)
  5. It Was Argro's Job (25) - Continues with Verung Kae'Rush at West Fort Irontoe
  6. Feeding the Irontoe Brigade (25)
  7. A Missing Package (26)
  8. Reporting to Wyrwynne (27)
  9. From the Field (28) - Continues with Wyrwynne Shadhe at the Mortartoe Mines tunnel entrance by The Quarry
  10. Remnants of Butcherblock (30)
  11. The Yarpsnarls... Again (32)
  12. A Kobold Relic (33)

Quests starting here leading to Kaladim

Captain E.L. Irontoe

  1. A Tale of Two Towers (61 heroic)
  2. Dunfire Diamonds are a Dwarf's Best Friend (64 heroic)

Captain T.B. Irontoe

  1. Planting and Plundering (60 heroic)
  2. A Couple Ringlets Missing (62 heroic)
  3. The Terrok Strongbox (68 heroic)

see also: Kaladim Timeline

Near Lesser Faydark

Trinny Sweetdough - beside the griffin tower at Lesser Faydark Passage

  1. Ape is Enough! (27)

Hamish Felderham - in the valley connecting Felderham's Folly to The Broken Fields

  1. Razing an Army (25)
  2. Finding Feagon for Felderham (26)
  3. The Apprentice (27)

Near Darkfall Gorge

Trozusk Ripscar

  1. Trozusk's Challenge (31)
  2. A New Challenger (33)

Eneek Rialb

  1. Eneek is No Snack! (32)
  2. Eneek Needs a Snack! (33)

Other Quests


Deities - these timelines start in Butcherblock Mountains, or have steps that take place there.

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