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Butcherblock Mountains
Levels 20-35
Unrest as seen from BBM.jpg
Introduced Echoes of Faydwer
Zone Type Public
Adjacent to
Dungeons Kaladim
Instances The Estate of Unrest
Quest Lines Butcherblock Mountains Timeline
Harvesting Tier 3
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Stone and rock. Hammer and anvil. We learned our crafts from the beginning, in our home of Kaladim, in the Butcherblock Mountains. Our city flourished, for many came to us, wanting to buy the many beautiful things we can craft.

Have you ever seen the sun rise, its light spreading like over the Butcherblock Mountains like the flames of a forge? We who have not seen this with our own eyes sing the songs of our fathers before us, and weep for the world we cannot know.

-- The History of Dwarves


Butcherblock Mountains is divided into valleys by steep impassable cliffs. Some of the cliff faces can be climbed, and a few of the mountaintops can be explored. Dwarven mines honeycomb the hillsides, and many of the valleys are interconnected by tunnels.


Griffon Towers have been erected at the top of the cliff above the docks, and at the passes to Greater Faydark and The Lesser Faydark.

Only Good-aligned characters can travel to Butcherblock Mountains from Sinking Sands. However, both alignments may travel to Sinking Sands from Butcherblock Mountains by taking the Magic Carpet at the docks.

The Butcherblock Docks also has two ships, the Journey's End and Storm Breaker, that provide transport to and from Nektulos Forest and The Thundering Steppes.


Map exp03 rgn butcherblock.jpg


Dungeon Name Level Range Target Audience Zone Type Typical Duration
Kaladim 30-39 Group Shared Dungeon 1 hour
The Estate of Unrest 70-75 Group Instance 2 hours

Adjacent Zones[]

Zone Name Level Range Direction Access
Greater Faydark 1-20 Northeast through Greater Faydark Passage
Timorous Deep 1-20 South (across the Ocean of Tears) via Griffon at Butcherblock Docks
Nektulos Forest 20-30 West (across the Ocean of Tears) via Ship at Butcherblock Docks
The Thundering Steppes 20-30 West (across the Ocean of Tears) via Ship at Butcherblock Docks
The Sinking Sands 45-55 Southwest (across the Ocean of Tears) via Flying Carpet at Butcherblock Docks
The Lesser Faydark 50-60 Southeast through Lesser Faydark Passage

Revive Locations[]

Revive Location Description
Lesser Faydark Passage Next to the griffon station
Butcherblock Docks Down at the beach


A large number of quests take place in this zone. Level 20 players can begin at any of three places: the Greater Faydark zone line, the docks, or the Sarnak camp. See the Butcherblock Mountains Timeline.

Quest Hub Level Range Notes
Butcherblock Docks 20-25 Starting hub from Shattered Lands
Greater Faydark Passage 20 Starting hub from Kelethin
Gorowyn Research Camp 20-27 Starting hub from Gorowyn
East Fort Irontoe 22-30 Also see West Fort Irontoe nearby
Darkfall Gorge 30-33

Similar Zones[]

Zone Name Level Range Region Notes
Nektulos Forest 20-30 Shattered Lands Good zone for solo quests
The Thundering Steppes 20-30 Shattered Lands

For a list of possible Expert "blue shiny" spawn points for this zone, see this list.