iname        = |
idesc        = |
iconnum      = 2179| 
icat         = TREASURED| 
flags        = | 
desc         = This recipe can be scribed by someone who understands the art of geomancy up to the 55th level.|
class        = Artisan|
level        = 55| 
itemlink     = \aITEM -630050988 1304987939:Burnt Recipe Page 6\/a|
adornment    = | 
recipes      =


obtain    = From  a Spurned adherent in Deep Forge.
From a Netherflame enforcer in Deep Forge.
From a Deep Forge footman in Deep Forge.
From a Deep Forge ironsmith in Deep Forge.
From \aITEM -630050988 1496315934:Burnt Recipe Page 6\/a.

Recipe to make the Magmatic Bronze Gauntlets that are needed for the Level 55 Heritage Quest A Thread of Hope.

Daybreak Games

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