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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Hallmark  (AA)
Journal Level 56 (Tier 6)
Journal Difficulty Heroic
Starting Zone Tenebrous Tangle more
How to Start This quest is started automatically when completing the previous quest.
part of: Claymore Timeline
Preceded by:
Secret Service
Followed by:
Coin Operation: The Sanctum of the Scaleborn
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  1. Drop down the waterfall and get update around ( 103, -215, 180 ) Copy
  2. Speak to Tayil N'Velex or Murrar Shar.
  3. Visit the top of the two treehouses on the Temple Grounds island. The first loc ( 53, 22, 95 ) Copy is near the waterfall that leads down to the Hidden Refuge, and the second ( -82, 57, -49 ) Copy is by the Shrine to the Wurmking. NOTE: You do not need to kill the mobs at the top of the tree, just engage them all to get the quest update. Once all the mobs are engaged the captured froglok will run.
  4. Kill a herald of Dar. It spawns at ( -12, 47, -185 ) Copy when a character with an active Burglars Afoot quest approaches the Temple of Scale entrance. Examine the Scaleborn Temple Note that he drops (each party member must do this individually).
  5. Next you have to get a map by killing the Soundless Guardian. He is found at Shrine to the Wurmking. To spawn him, clear the hewn stone drakes on the lower terraces of the pyramid. Examine the map dropped by the Soundless Guardian or found in the chest.
    • Hold onto this item until you have finished this quest. This will lead to a heroic quest called Whole Lotta Holes, which could also be soloed if you invis.
  6. You must then visit three locations and inspect clues. Each of the clues are a ground spawn on top of a corpse. Everyone in group has to harvest the clues, respawn around 5 - 6 min.
    1. Furthest north point on Gazer Isle1004, 468, -122 ) Copy
    2. Furthest north point on Fear Tainted Isle48, 244, 770 ) Copy
      • Note: You will have to get through many summond frightlings to get to the corpse. The easiest way to get to the corpse is by climbing the rocks directly to the left of the cloud pad.
    3. A crater grove on Vultak Scavenging Site-712, 172, -83 ) Copy
  7. After getting the final clue you get an item unseen hand card puzzle. Do NOT examine it immediately in order to give yourself enough time to complete the step that occurs after you examine the card puzzle.
  8. Move to the plank on the eastern side of the breeding grounds at ( 372, -115, 512 ) Copy and examine the card puzzle you just received.
  9. Examining it asks you a total of eight questions, which you must answer correctly to continue.
    • "The cards found as evidence seem to fit together to form a paper like box with questions and words on it. With every answer you fold the box to reveal a new question and a new form to the card puzzle." The questions and answers are:
    • The Circle of the Unseen Hand began its days in the backrooms and broom closets of what tavern?
      • Crow's Tavern
    • Crow's Tavern would later be closed down and sold after the Qeynos Guard discovered it as a front for the Unseen Hand thieves guild. What name, if any, has this tavern been renamed to in present day Qeynos?
    • Irontoe's East was purchased by an immigrant to Qeynos. Who is this immigrant that owns Irontoes's East?
    • Irontoe's East is named for the tavern called Irontoe's located in what ancient city?
    • What legendary barkeep planted the seeds of the Circle of the Unseen Hand?
      • Crow
    • The Circle of the Unseen Hand currently establishes hidden thieves taverns in most major cities. What is the name of the hidden tavern in Qeynos?
    • The Crow's Resting Place is a branch of the global thieves guild called the Circle of the Unseen hand. Each branch has a leader. Who is the leader of Crow's Resting Place?
      • Fippy Darkpaw
    • The Circle of the Unseen Hand has begun a secret trade association with many of the brewers in the city of Qeynos. Which merchant is not part of this illicit activity?
      • Ping Fuzzlecutter
  10. After answering all 8 questions correctly, the quest will update and give you a 15 minute timer to "search the evidence at the plank on the breeding Isle".
  11. Once you inspect the note on the end of the plank ( 371, -115, 510 ) Copy.
  12. Drippy Darkpaw appears, he is a level 61 solo gnoll. He has a significant knockback and although it doesn't do much damage, it can knock you off the island. It's best to not stay on the plank after reading the note. Kill him and you will receive a coin and a key.
    • NOTE: If you did not receive a coin or note, you may be able to open the chest by right clicking it and "inspecting" it.
    • This key unlocks the chest at ( 563, -147, 641 ) Copy behind some rocks on the same island as Drippy.
  13. Unlock the chest with the key to complete this quest.