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== Upgrade Line ==
== Upgrade Line ==
* {{Spell|Bum Rush}}
* [[Bum Rush]]
* {{Spell|Gambit}}
* [[Gambit]]
* {{Spell|Sideswipe}}
* [[Sideswipe]]
== Additional Info ==
== Additional Info ==

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Attack/Interrupt (Spell Type)

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Class Invalid Class! Icon Missing Icon Missing
Level 19
Category (Target) Attack/Interrupt (Enemy)
 Casting Time  Expression error: Unexpected < operator.
 Recast time  Expression error: Unexpected < operator.
 Cost  19 power 
 Duration  Instant
 Range  Up to 5 meters meters

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An attack made from the side that deals moderate damage and interrupts the target.


  • Inflicts 80-134 melee damage on target.
  • Interrupts target.
  • Must be flanking or behind.

Upgrade Line

Additional Info

This information is for the adept 1 version of Distracting Blade.

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