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EverQuest 2 Spell Information
Bruising III
Icon selfbuff rage
Wheel Blue Arm
This stance combines some of the elements from the bruiser's primary offensive and defensive stances, granting increased physical damage mitigation, deflection and offense skill, and a chance to deal heat damage with every successful melee hit.

Target Self
Casting 0.5 seconds
Recast Instant
Duration Until Cancelled
Level 71

  • On a melee hit this spell may cast Engulf on target of attack. Triggers about 1.0 times per minute.
    • Inflicts (X) heat damage on target
  • Caster will deflect (Y)% of incoming attacks
  • Increases Parry of caster by (Z)
  • Increases Deflection, Slashing, Piercing, Crushing and Ranged of caster by (Z)
  • Increases Mitigation of caster vs noxious damage by (A)
  • Increases the caster's effectiveness of worn armor vs physical damage by 13%
Bruising Spell Line
Spell Effects by Spell Rank
Effect Apprentice Journeyman Adept Expert Master Grandmaster Ancient Celestial
Inflicts (X) heat damage  ? 236-393 257-429  ? 343-572
Deflects (Y)% of incoming attacks 4.5 5.5 6.0 7.0 8.0
Incr Parry/Defl/Slash/Pierce/Crush/Ranged by (Z)  ? 11.8 12.8 15.0 17.1
Increase noxious mitigation by (A)  ? 820 895 1044 1193

Gray cells correspond to unavailable ranks of the spell. Effect values for this spell are modified by the player's Strength.


  • Only the amount of heat damage inflicted is modified by the Bruiser's Strength
  • The above heat damage amounts (?, 236-393, 257-429, ?, 343-572) are with STR 50 (no worn armor or items, no buffs and no AAs)
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