• You must be a level 80 Bruiser.
  • You will need the following languages: Oggish, Halasian, Orcish.
  • You will need to complete The Trial of Tynnonium.
  • You will need 5 Fiery Magma Infusions.
    • These can be purchased from the broker.
    • These are made by provisioners through a recipe sold at the Danak Shipyard in Jarsath Wastes by Eviss Ryiss <Danak Quarter Master> at location: ( -102, -41, 1108 ) /waypoint -102, -41, 1108. These recipes were no trade, but are now 'HEIRLOOM' so the provisioner does not have to purchase it themselves but can be traded through shared bank from an alt as long as they have the faction with Danak to purchase.
  • You will need an Ebon cluster for the recipe, The Legend of Fyst.
    • Cluster can be purchased for a few platinum from the broker.
  • You will need 50 Ferrite clusters.
    • Can be purchased from the broker for cheap.

Fabled (Heroic) Version

  1. The Fist of War (85)
  2. The Broken Fist (85)

Mythical (Epic) Version

  1. A Taste of Past Glory (85 Epic)


Reward for Group part:

Reward for Raid part:

This timeline details the quests for the fabled and mythical versions of a class's Epic Weapon.

You must be at least Level 80 in order to start/complete this quest line. The Fabled version of the epic requires only completing content of heroic difficulty at maximum, while the Mythical version requires completing several Epic encounters, culminating in one inside Veeshan's Peak.

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