Brother Lika

Brother Lika

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EverQuest II NPC Information
Purpose Quest
Race Human
Zone The Village of Shin (Fallen Dynasty)
Location Outside of the tower ( 17, 34, -153 ) /waypoint 17, 34, -153 Eq2map

Gives you a quiz after you have gotten an update message from listening to Master Long Shan.

Answers to the quiz:

  • Zan Fi was fond of: a flute
  • Spent most of his days in the wilds of Kunark: Brother Balatin
  • Protected travelers in the Rathe Mountains: Brother Zephyl
  • Island that the monestary stands on: Mara
  • Walked the lands known as South Karana: Brother Qwinn
  • Zan Fi lived during... : Combine
  • Brother Zephyl defeated mighty foe: Syythrak
  • Betrayed Balatin: Vistrei
  • Brother Qwinn defeated legendary foe: Cracktusk
  • Brother Qwinn took revenge on: Poachers
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