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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Signature  (AA)
Journal Level 108 (Tier 11)
Journal Difficulty Heroic
Starting Zone Fens of Nathsar more
How to Start Equip then Use the Jewel of The Three and speak to the projection. (Note: If you have lost the Jewel of The Three, Vasty One Eye in Thalumbra, the Ever Deep can replace it ( 449, 95, 62 ) /waypoint 449, 95, 62.
part of: Mage Epic Weapon 2.0 Timeline
Preceded by:
Curse of the Magic Thief
Followed by:
Key to Curing the Spellpox
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Requirements Edit


NOTE: To start the quest, you must equip the Jewel of The Three, right-click on it, and "use". The spirit you need to talk to will appear.

  1. Retrieve the walking chest: Find the wandering chest (again). It is roaming in Moors of Ykesha somewhere between Firmroot Moot and the canyon to Tupta (Ask a guard about the chest and it will mark it on the map once you start the quest).
  2. Take the walking chest to the mysterious Archmage "within the city of the Highmen" -- talk to Bellengere the Three in Paineel at ( 1997, -299, 3362 ) /waypoint 1997, -299, 3362.
  3. When Bellengere opens the portal for you, zone in.
    • You are now in Monolith Of Wrahzul (room 2), take a few steps to update the quest. This is a solo zone. No mercs either.
  4. Is this Bellengere's study or was this a trap?
    • Exit the Monolith through the portal on the other side at ( -0, 13, -157 ) /waypoint -0.4, 13, -157. The exit is very close across the room and you can just run there without fighting.
  5. Return to Bellengere the Three and talk to him again
  6. Go to Antonica to find a tower ( -2036, 7, 218 ) /waypoint -2036, 7, 218 on the hill north of Keep of the Gnollslayers. There you will find the grave of Kryfru the Enchanted. Inspect the gravestone and talk to the ghost.
  7. Head to Greater Faydark and click on Kryfru's Chest next to Fethinal the Enchanted, inside a tree trunk at ( -838, 71, 543 ) /waypoint -838, 71, 543 near the New Tunaria entrance
  8. Gather: "A basic, real, and invariable nature of your own personal arcanum materialized within the world."
    • Coercer: Purple shiny in Jarsath Wastes ( -933, 261, 722 ) /waypoint -933, 261, 722.
    • Conjuror: Purple shiny next to Vence Laden in Teren's Grasp ( 1833, 483, -808 ) /waypoint 1833, 483, -808.
    • Illusionist: Mask on the wall behind the Bartender in Teren's Grasp ( 2200, 525, -980 ) /waypoint 2200, 525, -980.
    • Necromancer: Click on Cauldron In Turmoil Cemetery in the Commonlands ( -1333, -68, 333 ) /waypoint -1333, -68, 333.
    • Warlock: Green shiny in Fens of Nathsar ( -1686, -402, 1101 ) /waypoint -1685.90, -401.84, 1101.28.
    • Wizard: Purple shiny in New Tunaria ( -405, 49, -976 ) /waypoint -405.34, 48.93, -976.16.
  9. Return to Bellengere the Three in Sundered Frontier.
  10. Gather the three cantrips Bellengere has prepared by clicking the papers on the table next to him.
  11. Enter Bellengere's Arcane Study by using the blue portal next to him, after using the scroll.
  12. Find the cursed object using View of the Magi's Curse, then gather the Blackscale Rune Cube in the study.
  13. Return to Bellengere the Three.
    • Use the scroll to activate the portal, then use portal to return.
  14. Talk to Bellengere the Three to complete the quest and get your reward.



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This quest is part of the Mage Epic Weapon 2.0 Timeline, and can only be started by a member of that Archtype that matches the Requirements.

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