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The Grand Prankster


Bristlebane is the annual live event that honors Fizzlethorpe Bristlebane and celebrates playful pranksters, tricksters, and good humor. It starts just before and ends just after the real-world holiday known as April Fool's Day. On April 1st (PST) each year special activities and fun can be had as well.

To check the exact dates, log into the game and click the EQ2 button in the bottom right of your screen and choose Calendar from the list of options that opens. Hover your mouse over the Event name on the first day of the event to see the times for your timezone. Keep in mind that the start date and end of (most) events is midnight PST, due to the location of the main office of Daybreak Games.

A Note for Wiki Editors[]

Each year, the previous years' content (quests, notes about event changes, new items) should be incorporated into the main body of the page, in each sub-header category. Only new content should only occupy the New in <Current Year> section below. This prevents redundant information and an unnecessarily long page. Retired quests and notes about changes can be moved to Event History section if necessary.

Added in 2021[]

This event will be active on TLE and Live servers in 2021 on March 26th and run until April 8th at 11:59pm (PST).

Due to Maintenance Issues, the Event is extended until April 9th at 11:59pm (PST).

Like most other annual live events it will automatically start and end without server downtime. NPCs and special locations will simply appear.

TLE servers:[]

  • The entire event is active!

Live Servers:[]

  • New Overseer quests and Agents - A Silly Billy Agent, Qeynos Harbour, Next to the Ale House (813, -23, 27) or Freeport (-246, -55, 3) in the harbour
    • 5 new quests
    • 1 new agent
  • 11 New Merchant Items sold by Bristlebane Day merchant in city tradeskill houses – including two new armor sets!
  • New Tradeskill recipe book, "Perfectly Serious Items to Craft XII" sold by “a Bristlebane Day merchant” in city tradeskill houses. The recipes require holiday harvestables gathered from "Jester's gardens" and other low level harvestables as components.
  • Patchcraft creatures can be found in the following zones:
  • Savage Weald - patchcraft zelniak
  • Shadeweaver’s Thicket - patchcraft zelniak

Bristlebane Day Event Tracker[]

Here are two versions of a Printable Bristlebane Day Event Tracker that you can use to keep your characters accomplishments organized.

The Highest of High Silly Days... ONE DAY ONLY![]

Jester's Superior Garden bushes appear ONLY on April 1st. This bush differs from the normal Jester's gardens during the rest of the event.

Every year and only on April 1st (12:01am PST - 11:59pm), extra quests are available and more can be found in Enchanted Lands.

The info below is based on the previous year and can change, so keep your eyes out for anything unusual on that day!

Riddled Quest Series[]

Three quests are available. These are offered consecutively and begin with:


Tradeskill Materials, Frostfell Stations and Fuel[]


  • Earn the achievement Fur Finder by hunting 25 an ironbelly rabbits. These rabbits replace the standard unnamed rabbits seen hopping around most areas, especially in Antonica, are trackable and are in no way related to the An ironbelly rabbits from the live October event from 2015.

Event Hub[]

Most (but not all) of the quests can be found in Enchanted Lands, close to the docks, with the exception of:

  • The Grand Prankster (also found masquerading as Blat Berisen) can be found in multiple zones. While a single quest is offered one-time only, he started offering a new quest in 2016, so keep and eye out for him. See the Blat Berisen page for all of the zones in which he may be found.
  • The event merchants (see next section).


A Bristle Bane Day merchant in West Freeport

Though they look different from city to city, the merchants for this event are easy to spot because of their brightly colored robes. You will find them near the tradeskill area of each city.

Bristlebane Day merchants are mischievous halflings found in the following locations:
See the Bristlebane Day Merchant Items page for a list of items you can purchase.

Event Currency[]

To check the amount of event currency you have on hand, press C to open the Character window and click on the Currency tab.

  • Fool's Gold Coin is obtained when you kill various monsters, complete quests, and compete in the races.

Tips and Tricks to Obtain Fool's Gold[]

Note - Players with All Access (subscription) accounts earn double the event currency.

Tradeskill Recipes[]

No matter which tradeskill you begin or master, any crafter can make the items in the recipe books.

  • The Bristlebane Day recipes can be purchased only while Bristlebane Day is live. The previous year's recipes are always offered and (typically) new recipes are added annually.
  • You will also need a variety of harvestables from Jester's garden bushes in specific zones that you can only gather during the event. See the section, Special Crafting Materials below for more details.
  • Unlike Frostfell, which requires special crafting stations, you can make these items all year if you stock up holiday themed materials.
  • Like most holiday-themed live events, the recipes are primarily items for use in player housing.

Available Recipes[]

Examples of colorful crafted items found in various Perfectly Serious Items to Craft recipe books.

While Brew Day recipes books feature tons of booze-themed items, this event is heavy on food to place in player housing and all things vibrant or silly.

Special Crafting Materials[]

This shrub has Bristlebane Day recipe ingredients.

In order to craft items from the holiday-themed recipes, you must gather materials from Jester's garden, a small, pale bush with a red particle effect.

  • All of the materials have humorous names like High Elf Funny Bone and so on. See the Jester's garden page for the full list.
  • The harvests from these nodes are tradeable, so check the broker if you need to stock up.
  • If you have completed the Gathering Obsession Timeline and have the Artisan's Fully Trained Pack Pony, it can be sent out to get the holiday-themed materials for you too.
  • See the ONE DAY ONLY section above for special materials that can be gathered only on April 1st.


These can be found throughout most of the zones listed, but the following areas have high concentrations with easy access from adjacent zones:

Adventure Quests[]

Examples of colors the mount, Horse of a Different Color, might be each time one zones.

See the ONE DAY only section above for special quests only available on April 1st. To make them easier to find unlimited repeatable quests are shown in bold text below.

Repeatable at Least Once per Year[]


One of many gaming dice-themed rewards you can get during the event. Shown here, an option from the Plethora of Patchwork Parts quest.

  • The Bristlebane Quest Outline started by Blat Berisen - this is a mini-quest series that replaced the old Tin Metal Protection quest. See the page for details, as where you start matters.

Races (Unlimited Repeatable)[]

Patchcraft Monsters[]

The Patchwork monsters will appear in the following locations:


Impossibly Rare Objects

Prankster's Piece of the Pie

Cloak of the Grand Prankster is a reward for completing Prankster's Piece of the Pie.

Prankster's Novelties

  • These Shinies can only be collected on April 1st.

Bristlebane's Memories


  • A Plethora of Pranks - craft several items from the holiday-themed recipe books. Unlocks the ability to purchase the Grand Prankster Streamer
  • Conniving Confections -craft several items from the holiday-themed recipe books. Unlocks the ability to purchase the Grand Prankster Cordon
  • Fur Finder capture 25 bunnies. Additional achievement/titles available after. See the Fur Finder page for details (This achievement is ONE-DAY ONLY!).
  • Patchcraft Killer - kill patchwork creatures for this achievement. Additional achievement/titles available after. See the Patchcraft Killer page for details.
  • Honorary Gigglegibber - complete event quests
  • Snack Attack - Gobble down 100 or more goodies in a single round of Bristlebane Day Snack Snatcher race!
  • You Jelly? - Bounce your way to victory and score 90 points or more in a single round of Bristlebane Bounce race!


Rewards and Merchant Items[]

Bovoch Matriarch

Merrymaker's Salmon

There are too many items to list, but a few worth noting include:

Beastlord Warders[]

Retired Quests and Event History[]

Event History[]

This event first appeared in 2007.

  • Cute Mode -- When you log in anytime on April 1, you will be in Cute Mode (All humanoid players and monsters will have ballooned heads) but despair not! If you just cannot stand it, use /cutemode to turn it off!
  • The Herald of Bristlebane -- If you die today, don't be so quick with that Revive button! Gerald Gigglegibber, the Herald of Bristlebane, just might be able to help with your little problem... or not. Let's all hope that "Bristly Bane" loves us!
  • The Archaeologist -- eq2players has announced that LU34 will include a new character class that starts in Haven, the Archaeologist.
Gneedeep in cutemode.jpg Mender in cutemode.jpg Geraldgigglegibber.jpg
Froglok in /cutemode Mender in /cutemode Gerald Gigglegibber

Event Announcement[]

The following in-game mail is sent to players each year:

From: A Fan of Frivolous Folly

Subject: Bristlebane Day!

Good day,

Jesters, thieves, bards, or simply fans of mischief and frivolity, are all encouraged to enjoy these holy days honoring Fizzlethorpe Bristlebane! Begin your celebration in Enchanted Lands, where you will find plenty of laughs and pranks that await you amongst the congregation of revelers, like Zruk, a troll interested in items of luck. I've also heard there are now patchcraft creatures on Luclin and in Obulus Frontiers! Of course, you can get even more involved by crafting your very own items in celebration of this wonderful holiday. Visit your local tradeskill house to purchase these special recipes!

P.S. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for special events, especially in Enchanted Lands, occurring only on the highest of silly days, April 1st!

Jester.jpg This article refers to events, personae and activities only present in-game during the annual Bristlebane Day celebration, which comes to Norrath each year on and around April 1st.