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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Obulus Frontier
Journal Level 104 (Tier 11)
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone Obulus Frontier more
How to Start Speak to Kutgurk145, -218, -435 ) Copy
part of: Kunark Ascending Timeline
Preceded by:
Kunark Ascending: Ghost Whisperer
Followed by:
Get A 'Shroom
Sluggin' It Out
Goblin Poaching
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Warsilk rabbits foot.jpg
Luclinite shard.jpg

  1. Confront Gabrowg172, -204, -517 ) Copy As soon as you get close, he'll send you flying - he has some kind of magic shield protecting him.
  2. Find a way to defeat Gabrowg. Talk to Kutgurk at ( 145, -218, -434 ) Copy (the game doesn't prompt you to do this) and he'll give you two ideas .
    • "fresh hopper's feet" - Find a rabbit. There are a couple on the slopes north of Vrassath579, -171, -412 ) Copy. This is not a one kill, get loot. I had to kill 3 rabbits to get the rabbit foot. Right click it, select Attack, and loot Warslik rabbit foot from its corpse.
    • "spinn'-gem shards" - go to Luclinite Chunk340, -245, -274 ) Copy EQ2MAP POI (follow the river south from the bridge), kill a luclinite cluster, and loot luclinite shard from it.
  3. Talk to Gabrowg and refuse to pay him. He'll attack. Kill him. He has a knockback, so get underneath his tent.
  4. Return to Kutgurk ( 145, -218, -434 ) Copy