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Brew Day is an annual event that tips a hat and a frosty beer stein to Brell Serilis. The in-game festivities start around the beginning of March and run until (or just beyond) the real-world holiday known as St. Patrick's Day. It made its first appearance in 2006.

To check the exact dates, log into the game and click the EQ2 button in the bottom right of your screen and choose Calendar from the list of options that opens. Keep in mind that the start date and end of (most) events is midnight PST, due to the location of the main office of Daybreak.

Check your in-game mail for the announcement and clues about where to go to enjoy this event. See the event announcement at the end of the page if you accidentally delete that mail.

Note: There is a Brew Day/Walk Through page that helps you do these quests with less fussy traveling. Some quests get harder as you get drunker, it's advisable to read up first.

Canceling Drunk Effects[]

Many of the quests require your character to consume alcoholic drinks that cause a screen blur that is supposed to mimic drunkenness; for some players this presents a problem as it can cause headaches.

  • To cancel the drunk effects please see Getting Sober.
  • Note: The more you drink and gain "skill" in this, the greater your character's alcohol tolerance.

New This Year[]

This section highlights new content added most recently. Please move any info into the main article below when/if newer content is live each year.

This event will be active March 5, 2021 at 12:01AM PST through March 18, 2021 at 11:59PM PST.

  • Quests, NPCs, etc. will only be available during this time frame.
  • Like most other annual live events it will automatically start and end without server downtime. NPCs and special locations will simply appear.


Yours, Stein, and Ours - Offered by Acolyte Kosma in Butcherblock Mountains. (Repeatable annually.)

Merchant Items[]

8 New Merchant Items sold by Balin Copperfoot in Bar of Brell along with Digret selling the returning merchant items to purchase from previous years!

Brewday Accoutrements to Craft XII sold by Balin Copperfoot in the Bar of Brell

TLE Servers[]

Entire event active!

Bar of Brell Event Hub[]

The bar of Brell as it appears on the dock of Timorous Deep.

Examples of items sold by Balin for Beer Tokens; L to R, Top to Bottom: Hewn Stone Bridge, Cutting a Rug, Boar's Head Trophy, Snowfang Thief Plushie, Inebriated Brewday Celebrator, Glacierbane Axe Replica.

The Bar of Brell is the main quest-hub for Brew Day events, and can be accessed during the festivities from the following locations:

  • Timorous Deep - on the Docks, just past the Griffin at ( 2362, 7, 1384 ) Copy
  • Antonica - near the North Qeynos Gate at ( 66, -20, 0 ) Copy
  • The Commonlands - by the Freeport gates at ( -1219, -82, 52 ) Copy
  • Greater Faydark - at the stable near Green Knoll at ( 569, 44, 41 ) Copy
  • New Halas - in the center of the main village at ( -68, 148, -34 ) Copy
  • Haven


  • Balin Copperfoot sells items in exchange for both the holiday currency and standard coin. He can be found inside the Bar of Brell near the bear dispensing clockwork.
  • Digret Runebrad sells items from previous years in exchange for both the holiday currency and standard coin. She can be found inside the Bar of Brell near the door.
    • Some items may require the completion of the holiday achievements as an "unlock" before you can buy them from Balin or Digret.
See the Brew Day Merchant Items page for a list of items sold by Balin and Digret!

Currency and Special Crafting Materials[]

You need to complete a quest to see Bountiful Brewday garden shurbs and gather materials

To check the amount of event currency you have on hand, press C to open the Character window and click on the Currency tab.

Tradeskill Recipes[]

No matter which tradeskill you begin or master, any crafter can make the items in the recipe books.

  • See the Brew Day Merchant Items for a list of recipes.
  • You will also need a variety of harvestables from Bountiful Brewday Garden bushes in specific zones that you can only gather during the event. See the 'Special Crafting Materials section below for more details.
  • Unlike Frostfell, which requires special crafting stations, you can make these items all year if you stock up holiday themed materials.
  • Like most holiday-themed live events, the recipes are primarily items for use in player housing.

Example: many crafted items have a pub theme, like the Maj'Dul Ale Rack shown here.

Example: Flowered Green Curtain (Left) house item.

Example: Frothy Tankard (weapon).

Special Crafting Materials[]

In order to craft items from the holiday-themed recipes, you must gather materials from Bountiful Brewday Garden, a shrub with a green particle effect.

  • The Bountiful Brewday Garden shrubs are found randomly throughout zones (and along riverbanks) where you enter/exit the Bar of Brell. See the Event Hub and Merchant section above for locations.
  • Unlike other special seasonal materials, you can only see the Bountiful Brewday Garden shrubs if you complete the quest and equip the Improved Ale Goggles.
  • The harvests from these nodes are tradeable, so check the broker if you need to stock up.
  • If you have completed the Gathering Obsession Timeline and have the Artisan's Fully Trained Pack Pony, it can be sent out to get the holiday-themed materials for you too.

Adventure Quests[]

An example of a quest reward (Brew Day Cloak) from the Brew Day live event, held in the first week of March each year.

If questing on a brand new, low-level character focus on Ale Goggles, followed by Valla Brewhammer's Special Brew; it rewards a ground mount that makes completing all other quests much easier.

Brew Day Event Tracker[]

Here are two versions of a Printable Brewday Event Tracker that you can use to keep your characters accomplishments organized.

Brew Day Walkthroughs[]

Annual Quests[]

The vast majority of quests are picked up inside the Bar of Brell.

All quests are repeatable once per year, unless otherwise noted with (NR).

A Strange Elephant Plushie is one option from the Snoogle's Presentation (repeatable) quest.

Unlimited Repeatable[]

The following are repeatable multiple times while the event is live.

Races (Unlimited Repeatable)[]

Overseer Quests[]

  • Offered: Steinmaster Borric, a cleric of Serilis in the Bar of Brell
    • Altar Addition - Grikbar Prayer Necklace
    • Altar Addition - Umbrite Icon of Brell
    • Altar Addition - Deep Muse Prayers
    • Altar Addition: Sabertooth Runic Totem
    • Altar Addition - Terrok Chant Stone


Purple shiny.gif


Possible Titles:


Rewards and Merchant Items[]

Examples of tiles Balin sells for standard coin (gold, copper, etc.) during Brew Day. Top: Green Stained Glass Square; Bottom: Green Field Square

  • You can see any any equippable item, pets, and house items while in-game before you buy them or chose them as a quest reward by holding down CTRL and left-clicking on the item icons.
  • For the full list of items you can purchase using Beer Tokens, see the Brew Day Merchant Items page.

Brew Day now offers far too many items to provide a full list, but some popular and returning items (as examples) include:

Event Announcement[]

Each year players get an in-game mail announcing the return of Brew Day to Norrath.

"Make this Brewday Festival a memorable one! Use the magical keg we've opened near yer city to enter the festival's official brew house, The Bar of Brell. I invite ya in to grab a stein of ale while The Burglars entertain. While yer here, maybe ye'll help me figure out what's causin' all that ruckus below the bar. If not, well, ye'll also find items to craft, adventures and rewards both new and familiar! Course there's plenty of activity outside the bar, too. There's news of goblins stirrin' trouble in Butcherblock Mountains and the Enchanted Lands! And if'n ya find yerself crawling through other bars and drinking holes be sure to keep yer eyes peeled for special items of interest to collect!
Mraugl Stonecrusher
The Bar of Brell's Head Bartender"