Brell Serilis
Deity symbol brellserilis
The Duke of Below
Alignment - Neutral
Prophet - Bronlor Stormhammer

Brell is allied with Fizzlethorpe Bristlebane, and an enemy of Veeshan's. Followers of the Duke of Below find true happiness in the caves, caverns and tunnels that permeate the belly of Norrath, but this is one of few points upon which all followers of Brell can agree. The Runny Eye Clan of goblins claim he is their father, much to the disgust of the dwarves of Kaladim who are certain that only the dwarves are the true children of Serilis. The vicious gnolls of Split Paw disagree entirely, for was it not Brell who sculpted them out of the sacred Clay of Cosgrove? Followers of Brell Serilis, in one form or another, can be found nearly anywhere you enter the Underfoot of Norrath. [Source]

Accepting Your DeityEdit

Speak with Bronlor Stormhammer in Butcherblock Mountains ( 334, 189, 506 ) /waypoint 334, 189, 506 Eq2map

Devotion QuestsEdit

  1. Building a Foundation of Devotion [20]
  2. Prospector of Lost Faith [35](heroic)
  3. The Anguished Children of the Duke [55](heroic)
  4. Testaments of Stone [65](heroic)
  5. Restoring the Underfoot Cathedral [70](heroic)


Brell Serilis Blessings and Miracles

Praying to Brell Serilis

Blessing Name Favor Description
Patience of the Smith 750 increase crafting skill (15) and success crit chance (5%)
Stature of Serilis 875 buff against physical, heat and cold (1050) - shrinks caster 50%
Earth's Vigil 1000 increase out of combat health/power regen (15) and max health/power (750)
Pick of the Duke 1125 Summons a pet (raise mining skill by 25)
Brell's Hammer 1250 Summons 2 Brell's Hammer


Miracle Name Favor Description
Rift from Below 1125 AE damage + AE DOT + Knockback
Brell's Favor 1312 increases progress and durability by 4500
Forgehammer 1500 Stuns target (3s for Epics), Inflicts 6100-7455 divine damage
Armies of the Underfoot 1687 Summons a limited pet to aid the caster (x7)
Protection of Brell 1875 physical damage mitigation buff and groupheal (30% of maxhealth)


Pet Cloak Avatar
Underfoot Attendant Cloak of the Underfoot Avatar of Below
God pet brell Cloak of the Underfoot (worn) Avatar of Below

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