Bountiful Brewday gardens are shrubs that only appear during the annual Brew Day festival. If you have your graphic effects turned up, these shrubs also have a green particle effect.


001brewday garden

Zones Edit

Bountiful Brewday garden shrubs can be found in the following zones:

  • Antonica - near the North Qeynos Gate at ( 66, -20, 0 ) /waypoint 66, -20, -0
  • The Commonlands - by the Freeport gates at ( -1219, -82, 52 ) /waypoint -1219, -82, 52
  • Timorous Deep - on the Docks just past the Griffin at ( 2362, 7, 1384 ) /waypoint 2362, 7, 1384
  • Greater Faydark - at the stable near Green Knoll at ( 5569, 44, 41 ) /waypoint 5569, 44, 41
  • New Halas - in the center of the main village at ( -68, 148, -34 ) /waypoint -68, 148, -34
  • Darklight Wood


The following ingredients can be harvested from a bountiful Brewday garden.

The rarity of the clovers is impacted by many factors, including Tradeskill Alternate Advancement you may have chosen and any gear you may have equipped that grants additional bonuses.

For example, someone with the Cloak of the Harvester equipped will gather more than someone who lacks the cloak; someone with the cloak who is also a max level Carpenter (with the right AA) will gather even more than the first person.

Artisan's Pack Pony and Gathering BonusesEdit

Icon stein 01 (Common) This article refers to events, personae and activities only present in-game during the annual Brew Day celebration, which comes to Norrath each year the week of March 17th.

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