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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Phantom Sea  (AA)
Journal Level 102 (Tier 11)
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone Phantom Sea more
How to Start While under the Ghorkaal Teir'Dal illusion, speak to Destora J'Narus ( 960, 36, 940 ) /waypoint 960, 36, 940
part of: Shattered Seas Timeline
Preceded by:
Down to the Bone
Followed by:
Touch of the Undead

Malicious Obsession (evil)

Putting Down the Walking Dead (good)

What does this information mean?

  • NOTE: Destora will only offer the quest if you have the "Ghorkaal Teir'Dal Illusion Belt" effect active received from the quest "Coggin Body Shots". Simply select "Use" from your inventory to activate the illusion and the feather will appear.


  1. Gather 8 spiteweed - you have to get close enough for its DOT of green noxious to trigger before it can be harvested.
    • Spiteweed
      Note: Most plants can be found in the forest outside Ghorkaal, between the mountain flank and the path to the south, around ( 971, 24, 1022 ) /waypoint 971, 24, 1022.
  2. Report to Ritualist D'Rhivirr in Charnel Grove. Note: You must speak with the ritualist with your Teir'dal illusion active to be able to update this stage.
  3. Wait for ceremony to start.
  4. Apply the spiteweed to the ornate ring on the table.
  5. Wait for the ceremony to conclude
  6. Speak to Ritualist D'Rhivirr again.
  7. Return to Destora J'Narus.
  8. Destroy Destora's necromantic monstrosity.
    • Note: If grouping on this part, only spawn one golem at a time. If several are spawned, only the first one will count and no one will be able to proceed with the quest line.


  • At least 1p 45g 80s
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