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{{SpellEffectsLine2|Glorious Strike|369-615|451-752|574-957||||gu52=y|}}
{{SpellEffectsLine2|Glorious Strike|369-615|451-752|492-820|574-957|||gu52=y|}}
{{SpellEffectsLine2|Glorious Strike (Undead)|316-527|387-644|492-820||||gu52=y|}}
{{SpellEffectsLine2|Glorious Strike (Undead)|316-527|387-644|422-730|492-820|||gu52=y|}}

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Buff (Spell Type)

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Class Paladin Paladin Spell Icon HO Wheel Icon
Level 77
Category (Target) Buff (Self)
Mastery Ordination
 Casting Time  3.0 seconds
 Recast time  Instant
 Duration  Until canceled
Paladin: Blessed Weapon Spell Line
Level Spell Name
10 Blessed Weapon ¥
24 Glorious Weapon
38 Righteous Cause
52 Righteous Crusade ¥
66 Righteous Demonstration
77 Righteous Weapon

¥ Master II Training Choice

Blesses the paladin's weapon, granting it a chance to deal divine damage and stun the target. Undead targets take twice as much damage.

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  • On a melee hit this spell may cast Glorious strike on target of attack. Lasts for 2.0 seconds. Triggers about 1.8 times per minute.
    • Stuns target
      • If Target is not Epic
    • Inflicts divine damage on target
    • Inflicts divine damage on target
      • If target is undead

Spell Effects by Spell Rank
Effect Apprentice Journeyman Adept Expert Master Grandmaster Ancient Celestial
Glorious Strike 369-615 451-752 492-820 574-957
Glorious Strike (Undead) 316-527 387-644 422-730 492-820

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