Blackburrow Timeline
Recommended Levels 15 to 20
Introduced: Shattered Lands
Difficulty: Heroic
Starts in: Blackburrow


It's rarely a good idea to wake sleeping gnolls.

The Blackburrow Brewery

Beside mining, Blackburrow is also known for it's fine gnollish ale.

A heavy wind rushed into the chamber, bringing with it the smell of generations of foul gnolls from somewhere deep in the Blackburrow.
  • This is a master quest list that excludes any holiday/event related quests.
  • All quests listed here, unless noted, can be started and completed as of December 2017.
  • NOTE: Always start book quests before you begin killing everything!!!

NPC QuestsEdit


Rikantus at: ( -1974, 9, 821 ) /waypoint -1974, 9, 821

Sergeant Tillin at: ( -2135, -46, 395 ) /waypoint -2135, -46, 395


Assistant Wilabus at: ( 46, -40, -17 ) /waypoint 46, -40, -17

Geologist Fribden at: ( 45, -40, -17 ) /waypoint 45, -40, -17

Dropped QuestsEdit

The following can drop from any gnoll in the zone:

The following have specific drop requirements:

Book QuestsEdit

Other QuestsEdit

These quests involve Blackburrow, but are not necessarily part of the timeline:


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